Finding and keeping high-quality tenants is the key to success, and the past few years have proven lucrative for landlords. Turnover rates are decreasing, and many landlords are finding it easier to keep qualified renters. Simultaneously, rent rates are increasing in most of the country.  

The rental market continues to favor landlords, who are playing a much larger role in the U.S. real estate sector. Discovering the motivations and habits of your fellow landlords can help you assess real estate opportunities.  

Here’s a look at the state of the current rental market according to landlords: 

Landlord Survey & Rental Market Insights [INFOGRAPHIC] | SmartMove

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Screening tenants is the first step in finding a high-quality renter. The more thorough the screening, the more likely you are to land yourself a qualified, long-term tenant. TransUnion SmartMove is your solution for tenant screening. Our detailed reports provide you with a prospective tenant’s credit history, past evictions, and criminal convictions.

Protect your investment property with our complete tenant screening services package.