Watch how SmartMove helps landlords make smarter leasing decisions.

SmartMove gives you more than just peace of mind:

  • You walk only as far as your computer to run a full screening
  • You know if applicants are right for you within minutes
  • You pay as you go – and don’t have to deal with hidden fees


Tenant credit checks for landlords

Need a quick, reliable and secure way to run a tenant credit check online?

SmartMove tenant verification service provides you with exactly what you need to make an educated leasing decision right now:

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Tenant Screening
Quick Check Plus Tenant Screening
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Getting started on a tenant credit check is quick and easy:

  • Create an account.
  • Send your rental applicant an online request for a screening through SmartMove. (Requires applicant’s email address.)
  • The applicant goes online and provides the authorization to be screened.

Once the screening is authorized, the reports and recommendation are sent directly to you. The reports include a tenant risk score, national criminal background, and a customized leasing recommendation. Evictions Report and Credit Reports are optional. It takes only a few minutes—and it’s all online.

For more information, check out our SmartMove Fact Sheet or visit our Landlord and Real Estate Agent FAQs .

The TransUnion SmartMove credit report highlights specific tenant risk factors to help you make smarter leasing decisions.

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SmartMove looks at the landlord’s property-specific criteria as well as multiple applicant-specific credit variables to generate a customized leasing recommendation and suggested amount to request at lease signing.

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SmartMove gives you instant access to hundreds of millions of national and statewide criminal records, including America’s Most Wanted, FBI’s Most Wanted and the National Sex Offender Registry.

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SmartMove eviction reports are drawn our 25+ million records across 50 states and Washington D.C. Learn how we combine our large national coverage with accurate matching to give you the best solution possible.

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