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Top 7 Ways SmartMove Is Convenient For Property Owners



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Each time a property opens up, property owners must confront the same pressing questions:

  • Will this tenant pay rent on time?
  • How can I be sure this tenant is right for me?
  • Has the tenant skipped out on payments?

Difficult questions, to be sure—but definitive answers won’t come by screening a tenant through reference checks (from people you’ve never met), or their Facebook profiles. There must be a better way to get the information needed concerning the applicant’s credit, criminal and eviction history.

TransUnion SmartMove® offers a far more complete answer. With this state-of-the-art resource, you have fast access to the same type of in-depth credit, criminal, and eviction FCRA-regulated data used by large property management companies. If you want a comprehensive background on your renters, SmartMove will show you a more complete picture in an easy-to-read format.


Independent landlords can use TransUnion SmartMove to conduct due diligence during the resident screening process. SmartMove helps landlords make educated leasing decisions by giving them access to the same tools for renter screenings (including renter credit reports) that larger property management companies use.

Here are the top seven ways SmartMove offers convenience for property owners:

1. Easy, convenient and mobile-optimized online process

Forget paperwork and lengthy tenant screening procedures. With SmartMove, the tenant screening process takes place entirely online – all you need to start is the renter’s email address. SmartMove’s mobile-optimized website allows both property owners and tenants to complete the screening process from a mobile device, when and where it’s most convenient for them.

2. No membership requirements or physical inspection

SmartMove is a credit “push” (not a credit “pull”), meaning the renter authorizes the property owner to view his or her reports in a secure online environment. With SmartMove, the property owner can start screening immediately instead of going through lengthy setup procedures that delay the process. And because rental applicants start the screening, it posts to their credit files as a “soft inquiry” with no effect on their credit scores.

3. Reports are delivered within minutes

With SmartMove, there’s no lengthy waiting period for reports to be delivered. Once the applicant confirms their identity and completes the screening application, the reports are automatically delivered to the property owner electronically.

By the end of the process, you’re in possession of a credit report, eviction history, ResidentScore, and background check.

4. Enhanced match logic means less time spent researching false positives

It’s not uncommon to find false positives, or records that don’t match the applicant, on criminal and eviction reports. The more records returned, the more the property owner has to spend time combing through for false positives.

With SmartMove, you can reduce the amount of time and effort needed to research false positives. SmartMove’s enhanced record matching logic can more accurately match your applicant to an eviction or criminal record, by using its vast credit, personal, and address history databases to help determine who is who. The result is fewer false positives, more legitimate hits, and more convenience for property owners.

5. Property owners choose who pays for screening

With SmartMove, property owners only pay when they screen a tenant. There are no setup fees, annual fees, minimums, or memberships required. This offers more convenience and cost savings to the small property owner who may only need to screen tenants once or a few times a year.

6. Pay-per-use with no setup fees, minimums, or memberships

SmartMove offers property owners the flexibility to choose whether they or the rental applicant pays for the transaction. Since property owners often choose to pay the fee (because an overall renter application fee has already been paid), SmartMove gives them the ability to pay for the transaction rather than requiring that the applicant pay.

7. Manage multiple properties and leasing agents from one account

With SmartMove, property owners can create multiple rental properties in the system and manage screening applications for all their properties. They may also add leasing agents to their account to help manage the screenings.

SmartMove is your online tenant screening solution for great reports, great convenience, and great tenants. Learn more about SmartMove’s credit check process for property owners and get started today!

Finding the right tenant for your property is perhaps the most important part of managing your rentals. But between preparing your property to rent and ongoing property maintenance, there’s precious little time left for this top priority. When it comes to tenant screening, you need a convenient solution that delivers high-quality information and enables you to make better decisions.


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