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Improvements to SmartMove Website Provide Cutting-Edge Tenant Screening to Independent Landlords



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In December, 2013, TransUnion launched a series of enhancements to SmartMove, the online tenant screening service for independent landlords. The new enhancements are part of efforts to continuously look for ways to improve the site and user experience.

“We’ve released a set of improvements to SmartMove as part of our ongoing effort to provide landlords with the information they need to make the most informed rental decisions,” says Mike Doherty, Senior Vice President of TransUnion Rental Screening Solutions. “We are making investments in the areas of usability, compliance, efficiency and scalability to be a market leader in tenant screening.”

The new SmartMove enhancements include an upgraded website, which has been rebuilt to streamline the application process and improve the user experience. The new site is intuitive and easy-to-use, offering landlords quick access to credit and criminal reports, while renters benefit from greater speed and a simple application process

SmartMove’s new features also include:


  • Enhanced email notifications: Enhanced email notifications keep landlords and tenants fully informed throughout the screening process. Better email delivery means emails end up in inboxes, not spam boxes.
  • New look: The new layout offers easy navigation so visitors can find what they need quickly.
  • Customer service improvements: Improvements to SmartMove’s customer service portal mean better ability for issue resolution and are designed so that less time is spent on hold.


“The upgrade makes it much easier for both landlords and tenants to complete the screening and application process. The result is a much smoother online experience for all of our customers,” says Doherty.

Further upgrades are coming to SmartMove in 2014, including:


  • Eviction information: Information about renters' eviction histories helps landlords determine the best applicants for their properties based on the landlord’s criteria.
  • Improved identity verification: An even better identity verification solution will ask more personal questions. SmartMove estimates the improvements will increase the identity verification pass rate from 87% to 97% while also better detecting possible fraud.
  • SmartMove mobile app: A mobile app will make accessing SmartMove easier and more convenient (for both landlords and renters) while viewing a rental property.


SmartMove’s unique platform enables the renter to “push” their credit and criminal data to the landlord, resulting in a “soft inquiry,” which does not impact the renter’s credit score. The secure process of “pushing” credit also keeps the renter’s personal information more private including the renter’s date of birth and social security number. The renter’s information is sent directly to TransUnion in a secured and confidential online process rather than to the landlord as ordinarily occurs.

Know your applicant.

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