Tenant verification

Tenant Verification Services from SmartMove

Most landlords and property managers are not credit experts and most would benefit from help in translating a renter's credit report into a prediction of whether or not they’ll pay rent on time.

Luckily, that’s TransUnion SmartMove’s sweet spot with tenant verification.

180 days past due credit card in 2017? We can interpret that. Home foreclosure when the market hit rock bottom? We can interpret that. Eight credit cards with balances? We can interpret that.

By looking at every tenant applicant's credit profile, SmartMove delivers leasing recommendations based on your criteria to help you pick Great Tenants.

A Custom SmartMove Leasing Recommendationmakes choosing a tenant easy

Each application comes with recommendations that include a:

  • Leasing recommendation for each individual
  • Income to rent ratio for the application

SmartMove leasing recommendation

Key Points

  • Recommendation based on your criteria
  • No complicated data to interpret
  • Lease with confidence