Does your applicant make as much as they say?

Income Insights tells you which applicants need additional income verification and which to skip.
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Income Insights helps you:

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*Applies to anyone with at least one tradeline on their credit report.
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Be more confident that your renter makes what they say they make

Should you request additional proof of income from your applicant?

You know income is an important part of your rental criteria. Now SmartMove offers an easy way to help you be more confident in your applicant’s self-reported income.

Income Insights helps you determine within minutes whether additional proof of income should be collected on an applicant so you know which applicants to verify and which to skip.

Why does this matter?

Because when the Income Insights estimate aligns with your applicant’s self-reported income, you’ll know you can skip additional income verification.

Verifying a prospective tenant’s income is part of the process of doing landlord tenant credit checks, but it can be time-consuming. Often it requires a call to the applicant’s employer and additional paperwork.

As a busy property owner, you need an easy way to evaluate renter salary and decide whether or not additional income verification is necessary.

How does it work?

Income Insights is based on TransUnion’s proprietary model that was verified against a variety of historical income data collected by independent third parties.

The model analyzes the applicant’s self-reported income by using data from the credit report, including an analysis of how much they pay toward balances, the amount of money they spend, and the types of balances they carry among other factors.

Income Insights compares this credit behavior to the applicant’s self-reported income to determine whether additional income verification is recommended.

Income Insights can be used to analyze the income of anyone with a credit report, and also takes into account non-work related sources of income such as child support and alimony.

Is it quick?

Income Insights allows you to analyze tenant income within minutes. You’ll know which applicants require additional income verification and which ones you can skip.

When Income Insights estimates your applicant’s income may be lower than what they reported, you’ll know you need to do additional income verification.