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9 out of 10 users recommend SmartMove® to identify great tenants*

*TransUnion survey 2019

Online tenant screening for property owners

SmartMove benefits property managers and tenants

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Fill your property vacancies quickly.

Screen anytime, anywhere. SmartMove is a streamlined way for property owners to sign up quickly, get reports fast and leasing decisions quickly.

Choose who pays.

You can opt to have the tenant cover the cost of rental screening or pay for it yourself.

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Get critical info from a trusted source.

Don’t settle for second rate reports. With SmartMove you get reports sent directly from TransUnion. Huge database of millions of credit histories and criminal records.

Get tenant screening reports in minutes

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Invite Your Applicant to Screen: Input applicant's email address and select reports bundle and who pays.

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Applicant receives email & authenticates their identity.

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Reports Are Delivered

Reports Delivered: We send you the tenant's credit check, criminal, eviction, and Income Insights reports, depending on the package selected.

Reports delivered to property owner and applicant

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Choose who pays and no hidden fees.

SmartCheck Plus

When you want a little more information on your potential tenant.


${SmartCheck Plus:40}

SmartCheck Basic

Our basic screening includes our proprietary score and criminal background check.  

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Background Check Basic

Our basic screening includes our proprietary score and criminal background check.  


**The Criminal Report and Eviction Related Proceedings Report are subject to federal, state, and local laws that may limit or restrict SmartMove's ability to return some records. Certain jurisdictions may limit what records are eligible for return, click here for more information.

✝ Based on a 2016 TransUnion Survey:

Be more confident when choosing a tenant.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

SmartMove provides background check results in minutes. Our advanced system analyzes millions of records from numerous databases and criminal registries, providing comprehensive reports you can use to guide your leasing decisions.

All you need to do is supply your applicant’s email address. SmartMove sends the potential tenant a background check request, and as soon as authorization is received and their identity is verified, reports are delivered to your inbox.

Income Insights: Our proprietary tenant background checks offer Income Insights, a custom report that tells landlords which applicants need additional income verification. This report can help you save time and effort during the tenant screening process and can lower your risk of tenant payment issues.

ResidentScore: This credit measurement is built specifically for tenant screening and delivers a better assessment of tenant risk than a typical credit score. According to TransUnion research, ResidentScore predicts evictions 15% more often in comparison to a typical credit score in the bottom 20% score range where risk is greatest.•

Choice of Who Pays: You can opt to have renters cover the cost of tenant screening. SmartMove gives landlords flexibility to choose to pay or pass the cost of tenant screening services to your applicant. It’s free to sign up and there’s no fee to request a tenant screening report.