Resident scoring from TransUnion

Translating credit histories to rental payment performance

Tenant screening is really about understanding one thing: is this the tenant for you?

Property owners know what's at risk when they pick a renter:

  • Eviction
  • Late payers
  • Skipping out on a lease

You need information to help you make the best possible leasing decision so you can continue generating rental income. When looking at your applicants, having their ResidentScore helps you better understand the risks.

SmartMove's® ResidentScore will help you score potential tenants with more precision than a traditional credit score. ResidentScore uses a sophisticated formula to analyze the credit report and produce a score between 350-850. Where your applicant's score falls on the scale can help you better assess their risk.

Why is a tenant ResidentScore better than a credit score?

  • Credit scores are used to predict the outcome of a loan, not rental performance
  • ResidentScore is designed specifically for tenant screening by TransUnion
  • Tenant ResidentScores come with every SmartMove tenant screening package

Unlike other scoring models, TransUnion's ResidentScore is powered by a sophisticated analysis of more than 500,000 actual resident records.

tenant rental score

Key Points

  • More peace of mind
  • Thorough payment history info
  • Tailored for rental screening
  • Landlord-friendly format